We shall return. June 2020.

We thought we'd take this downtime from game plays to update the website.  We will return to games as soon as it is deemed smart, safe, and legal to do so by The Office of MN Governor Walz.

Please know:

Solve is making changes so that you can safely play games with us.  Changes include:

  • Social Distanced Game Mastering. (Unique Briefing and Debriefing experience on the way!)
  • Private games only.  Just seems to make sense once you think about it.
  • Longer periods between game plays.  More time to get super clean!
  • Limited # of game plays per day.  We will reduce the overall maximum capacity traffic through our facility by 50%.
  • Highest level disinfectant operations available.  We got a bunch of new cleaning products!  Hospital grade!
  • Never more than one team in the facility at a time.  No more overlapping games to reduce traffic.
  • Limit 6 per team.  (Accommodations can be made for larger families who are sheltering together.)