Silent Night

76 / 100

Silent Night


Mycroft the madman has placed 4 bombs across the city and you have one hour to discover their locations and radio in the disarm codes. The clues to their locations, and possibly even their disarm codes, are hidden somewhere in the room.  Do you have the wits to outsmart a mad genius?

Save the city, or sleep in heavenly peace!








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New Rules to keep everyone safe

We ask that when you come play with us, you abide by a few simple changes to help keep all in our community safe.

Basic Rules:

1. Masks must be worn at all times. Thank you for respecting our staff and abiding by this.
2. Do not come to play if you are feeling at all ill. Refunds provided in case of illness.
3. Take player temperatures in lobby. (We have one of those fancy new infrared thermometer guns!)
4. Upon arrivals, players will be asked to wash hands. Hand sanitizer located around the facility.

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