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4-8 Players

This game requires a minimum of 4 Players.

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90 Minutes

15m Pre / 1hr Game / 15m Post

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Medium Difficulty

Under 14 May Require Adult Aid


It's your birthday, and your parents have a mysterious letter for you from Grandpa Buck.
The circumstances of his disappearance still remain in question, and while your parents miss him terribly, you suspect there is more to the story.
Now, you have a card with a note and instructions from Buck to explore his old treehouse.
Per Grandpa’s instructions, it is urgent that you and up to 8 friends must decipher the message before the sun goes down which is now just an hour away.

A Few More Notes...

  • No Late Comers

    Once the mission begins, no one is allowed to join.

  • Be Sober

    Impaired players are a danger to our rooms and other players. Trust us, drugs and puzzle solving don't mix well.

  • Please Be Kind To Our Rooms

    Our rooms are built to be handled and explored, but we're not a rage room. If you break something, you will be asked to pay for it.